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A healthy youth, for a healthy society

"Let's be real, our society isn't healthy! Many of us aren't moving enough. Many of us aren't eating right. Many of us are overworked and underrested. And therefore, many of us aren't feeling well. All of this isn't just true for adults, but also applies to our younger generation. Many children and teenagers in Switzerland are overweight, stressed out and unhappy. Let's try to fix this. Join the Healthclub." 



My main goal as a Coach & Sports Scientist is to contribute to a healthier society. As a school teacher and father especially the health development of our younger generation has become more and more important to me. My years as a teacher at secondary schools have shown me, that educational institutions still miss out on implementing proper health plans to improve the wellbeing of their students. There needs to be more talk and information about health related subjects and it should take part at every school! The problem is, that teachers often either lack time or knowledge to educate on those topics. A sports class is there to move students and keep them as active as possible since for many kids these are the only hours during the week that they are actively exercising. So replacing movement time with a theory session is counterproductive in that case. On the other hand a math teacher simply doesn't have the knowledge to talk about health issues in most cases. It's obviously not the right setup either. Therefore in my eyes schools should find or create new platforms to educate about health and wellness.      


With Healthclub I'm striving to be such an independent platform for secondary schools to improve health behavior within their students. Through workshops and lectures I'm trying to open eyes on topics like stress coping, dopamine binging (e.g. media addiction) and the importance of sufficient movement. Healthclub is here to mentor and guide kids and teenagers on their way to a healthier lifestyle. It's about building a support system so that they can feel better and be happier. 

If we as coaches and educators really want to lead people to become more active and health conscious, we have to start with our younger generation.

It's time to take responsibility! It's time to take action!   

If you are looking to improve the overall wellbeing of your students and want to know more about my health program, send me a message down below.

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